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For use with splined shafts, which are commonly found in gearboxes and pumps, these couplings are capable of transmitting more torque than couplings for round and keyed shafts. They have a spider-shaped cushion between two hubs to reduce shock and handle minor shaft misalignment.Spline Shafts - Splined Shaft-- 69 67 100 Supplier: ATLANTA Drive Systems, Inc. Description: Our shafts , sleeves and hubs are low-priced joining elements designed for application in the mechanical engineering sector, the automotive industry (power take-off shafts ) etc. Apart from profles milled from solid stock featuring solid shaft ends, we ... Hayes Couplings. Progressive Power & Control carries Hayes flexible couplings, pump mount plates, pump drive plates, bearing supports, SAE stub shafts, Hayes generator drives and other power transmission products such as flexible pump motor couplings.